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Monday, 16 November 2020

Weekend Project

Hi everyone

I just thought I'd pop in and share a different kind of project with you today.

When we moved to our present home we inherited lots of dark wood doors. The previous owner was a cabinet maker and clearly loved wood, don't we all, but in small spaces like our little hallway, dark wood really doesn't create a great welcome and leaves it feeling dark, depressing and claustrophobic. We also have a parquet tiled floor which just looked sad because the dark wood simply didn't do anything for it.

We didn't want the faff of having to remove doors and sand them down before painting them so cue chalky finish paint! What a godsend, really. Just giving the surfaces a good clean with warm soapy water and then being able to get the paint on was a joy. In the space of just a few hours we went from dark and depressing to light, bright and feeling twice the size!

Here are the before and after photos, although it still does need another coat, and then wax to seal and protect it and give it a little sheen, but I'm already so happy I just wanted to share it with you!

Here's the "before" shot:

This is after two coats of paint with one more coat and wax still needed to completely cover the previously stained and lacquered surface and seal it:

A big difference and a big improvement I think you'll agree!

And just one more, showing off our lovely floor, which absolutely sings now!

So, if you need to give a piece of furniture, doors or something else a facelift but don't want the faff of sanding back first, I can thoroughly recommend going for chalky finish paint and finishing with a clear wax for a quick transformation!

Bye for now,


PS: We have lots of paints in stock for all kinds of small projects, including chalky finish and chalky finish for glass! Here's a link: Paints Go for it!

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