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Thursday, 19 November 2020

Using Stamperia Cream Paste on a rubber stamp

Hi everyone

I hope you're enjoying the same blue sky sunshiney day that we have here today.

I wanted to share a little experiment with you. It's something I'd been pondering for a while. Some of you may have beaten me to it, and if so, great, you'll understand my excitement right now!

Stamperia Cream Paste is a product which can be used to take a cast from shallow moulds. I guess you could use deep moulds too, but you'd potentially use a lot of paste and I wouldn't like to hazard a guess as to how long it would take to dry completely ... I feel another experiment coming on! I was looking at Andy Skinner's mixed media rubber stamps and Distressed Wallpaper in particular, and decided to test out a theory, that if you can use the product in shallow moulds, you should be able to get an impression from a rubber stamp.

So I bit the bullet and applied said paste to said stamp early yesterday evening and then left it to dry overnight.

It was like spreading icing on a cake.

This is what it looked like as it was drying:

This morning I carefully peeled the cream paste away from the stamp. I took my time because I didn't want to risk tearing it because it was paper thin. I am delighted with the impression that has been created by the stamp. The texture and dimension are fabulous.

Every detail has been replicated in the cast, including really fine detail that you wouldn't necessarily notice otherwise.

So using the stamp to create a cast means you end up with a debossed version of the design. I love it. And it's triggered another idea for yet another experiment, but that's for another day! The cast is as light as a feather, as light as paper almost, and really flexible. You can tear or cut it to use parts of the cast, or use the whole thing in one piece, making it perfect for a wide variety of projects and for fixing onto lots of different surfaces, including cards, mixed media art and home decor such as decorating bottles and jars.

Now I just need to get some colour on there and decide how to use it .... watch this space :)

See you soon!


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