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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Mixed Media Inspiration

Hi everyone

Julie Brooks here with a little mixed media inspiration for you. Here are the products I used, which are all available in our shop.

DecoArt Crafter's Acrylic Paint: Citrus Green, Goldenrod, Thistle Blossom, Tropical Blue, Black
Imagination Crafts stencils: Falling Leaves panel, Bay Leaf 5x5
Tando chipboard (greyboard) 4 Clocks Small
Tando chipboard Butterflies Grab Bag
Tim Holtz Idea-ology Tissue Tape Sketchbook, Game Spinners and Big Chat Stickers
Ranger Inkssentials White pen
Flat brush
Acrylic Block

(1) Choose your surface - I chose a canvas board because I love working on these - and using your four paint colours, keep adding colour in any combination you like until you're happy with it. DecoArt paints dry very quickly so you don't have to wait long between layers. They stay wet just long enough for blending if you want to do that but it's a small window of opportunity!

(2) Tear lengths of tape from the Tim Holz Idea-ology Sketchbook Tissue Tape and adhere them to your painted surface.

(3) If you like, give them a quick wash of very watered down paint to blend the tape in with the background a bit more.

(4) Using a stippling brush, apply black acrylic paint through your stencils.

(5) Paint two butterflies with black acrylic. Paint one of the clock faces with black acrylic at the same time, making sure you get into all those little crevices. It's a bit fiddly but worth it.

(6) Once the butterflies are dry, apply pattern to the wings using the paints and one of the stencils. Tip #1: make sure you hardly have any paint at all on your brush, otherwise it may puddle through to the back of the stencil leaving a blobby mess. It's better to work with less and build up layers until you have the colour depth you require than try to add it all in one thick coat. Tip #2: I used an acrylic block as a palette for my paints but you could use a craft sheet, a plastic plate or your craft mat for this.

(7) Using your finger and tiny, tiny amounts of paint, apply the different colours very sparingly to you clock face, which will give the appearance of aging, especially the green and blue with the black. Do the same with the game spinners - I applied black acrylic to these with my finger first.

(8) Fix your clock face in place, and fix the game spinners in the centre. I cut the "legs" off one of the little brads which comes with the spinners and glued that on top of the centre of the spinners. I use a strong acrylic glue but you could also use something like Ranger Glossy Accents.

(9) Fix your two butterflies in place.

(10) Add Big Chat stickers of your choosing.

(11) Using a pigment or gel pen - I used my Inkssentials White Pigment pen - add highlights to your stencilled detail to add an extra element of dimension.

And there you have an absolutely beautiful piece of art! This would be perfect for yourself, or as a gift for someone else - we're thinking Mother's Day!

We hope you enjoyed this inspirational tutorial and that you will have a go. As you can see, you really need very few products, and not very expensive ones either, to create something with real wow factor!

See you soon!

Team Beebaab x

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