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Monday, 5 December 2016

Mini Mixed Media

Hi everyone
It's rather chilly here at the moment, well, outside anyway, but I'm all cosy and snug as a bug in a rug indoors with the wood burner working hard.

So, I'd like to share a little mixed media Christmas decoration with you today.
I love Tando Creative products and fancied having a go with one of their mini printer trays, so chose the hexagon one. (These will be available in our shop within the next few days!) It has three sections, a large one at the bottom and two smaller ones at the top, although of course you could have it the other way round, or even have large on the left, 2 smalls on the right, or vice versa, if you hang it rather than using the stand which is provided with it .... you get the picture - it's flexible! In the pack you get a back board, then three layers of framework, plus the stand in two pieces.
I began by giving all the pieces a coat of white acrylic, except the back board. The back board was covered with a lovely icy blue coloured paper with printed snowflakes on it and onto this I stamped Santa in his sleigh being pulled by the reindeer through the sky. Once the framework was dry I glued it all together. I decided it was easier to do it this way than to glue it all together and then try and paint it! The outside would have been a doddle but the inside not so easy because of avoiding getting white paint all over the paper!

The next step was to add a layer of modelling paste all over the framework to look like snow. I love making snow this way! Whilst that was drying I popped out some reindeer from the Tando Reindeer Minis pack, some trees from the Brush Stroke Trees pack and some snowflakes from the Snowflakes Minis pack. I painted them all white and once that was dry (a matter of seconds almost) I painted the reindeer brown. I didn't worry about their colour being uniform and that's kind of liberating, not seeking to make everything "perfect" all the time.

The next step was to add some sparkle to the "snow", and for this I used Imagination Crafts Sparkle Medium Sparkle Gel, which is a clear gel loaded with colourless glitter. It looks white in the tub but it dries clear. I liberally applied this all over the "snow" and also applied a layer to the chipboard snowflakes. That took a little longer to dry - I left it over night to be sure it was fully "set". The sparkle is lovely, so subtle but very effective.

I added a few brush strokes of an icy blue coloured acrylic paint here and there on the snowy frame and on the trees. I gave two of the trees a sparkly gold star at the top using Stickles Glitter Glue.

Once everything was 100% dry it was time to assemble my little piece, and I really love how it turned out. To achieve some dimension I used a foam pad behind each of the trees and the smaller "flying" reindeer, which has managed to take off and is on its way to join the others pulling the sleigh, with the larger one still trying to get off the ground! In the top left section, a reindeer is looking down on the scene, perhaps from higher up on a hillside, and deciding whether to join the others or stay and keep watch over the rest of the herd! On the right hand section I added a large dove.

Here are some close-ups:


I hope you like this little piece, I had great fun making it. I love the simplicity of it, nothing too fancy, not all neat and tidy. Perfect in my eyes.

Bye for now,
Julie x

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