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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Autumn in the air

Hi folks!

What lovely early autumn weather we're enjoying here in the East Midlands at the moment - glorious sunshine and temperatures in the mid-20s. The craneflies (or Daddy Longlegs as we call them) are very active at the moment, no doubt finding suitable places to lay their eggs before the frosts begin and make the soil too hard. We've had to evict a few in the evenings which managed to find their way into the house through the tiniest gap where we'd kept windows open to try to feed some cool air in. Trust me, catching one of those blighters is NOT EASY! And then there's the challenge of throwing it outside intact and hoping it doesn't do a quick U-turn and head right back into your house before you've even had chance to close the door!

So, did you manage to watch Mr Skinner's demos on Hochanda? I hope you did - they were fabulous. Leonie made me laugh, the way she kept not quite managing to say Quinacridone Gold! Mind you, it is a bit of a mouthful and an odd combination of letters! We sold out of this particular colour of Media Fluid Acrylic within days, but never fear, we now have stock again!

Now our thoughts turn very much to the nights drawing in, the temperatures dropping and needing to don sweaters, scarves, hats and gloves before long when venturing out, pretty soon we'll have the smell of bonfires (and, if you're like us around here, wood burners being fired up again) and so naturally anyone who loves Halloween will have this well and truly planted in their minds right now, perhaps planning a party, or just a good old crafty session making cards, goody bags and all things spooky! Whatever plans you have, we have plenty of products in stock to help you create your ultimate Halloween designs! And arriving within the next week and already wending its way here from our friends in Sweden, is Pion Design's latest and spookiest collection - The Witching Hour! Ohhhh, what gorgeous designs they have brought to us this year! See for yourself!

How gorgeous are they? I LOVE THEM! Let's take a closer look!

What beautiful autumnal/fall colours to work with
I LOVE the children in costume running merrily along a foggy dark street, and look at those bats!
Gorgeous, almost Gothic design top left - LOVE IT!
And ..... my absolute favourite ......
What a fabulous haunted house and graveyard scene, with the cackling witch flying on her broomstick in front of the moon
These papers are soooooo fabulous - I just can't resist them, can you? They're available to pre-order NOW as we should have them in the shop in about a week's time - they're already on their way to us. We highly recommend pre-ordering these papers to avoid disappointment as we know they are going to fly out the door!

And with more new stock arriving every week, you need to go over and check it all out NOW and see what goodies you can find to fuel your passion and get your creative juices flowing. Don't forget to use your discount code BDB1 at the checkout to get 15% off your order (excluding postage) and don't forget our free postage offer on all orders over £30 (UK only).

If you order other items in with your pre-order goods we will hold everything until the pre-order stock arrives and then post it all out in one neat package to you - what excitement when your goodies arrive! Who doesn't love happy mail like that? :)

So, what are you waiting for? Go to our shop now and do some exploring - you just never know what treasures may be waiting there for you!

See you over there!

Julie x

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