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Sunday, 1 November 2020

Fun with WOW! Embossing Powder and Embossing Glitter

Hi there

Julie here with my second blog post today and some inspiration using WOW! Embossing Powders. I've been a big fan of WOW! products for many years now and their embossing powders never disappoint. But something I've never used before is their glitter embossing powders, so that's what I decided to have a little play with.

I had my inky backgrounds which I'd recently created (see previous post) and decided to use a Designer Boutique rubber stamp to add a design to it. I chose A Wish At Christmas.

In the first one, I used WOW! Ultra Slow Drying Embossing Ink Pad to stamp the image and then used Neutral Ultra Shimmer embossing glitter. I ended up with a lovely glittery translucent image on my inky background which I will definitely use for something at some point! It was difficult to get a decent photograph but I hope you can see the detail.

I think the Neutral Ultra Shimmer would work really well if mixed with other embossing powders or if used with the Freestyle tool or the embossing ink brush over an existing image or surface to make it sparkly without altering the colours beneath.

For my second version I mixed Opaque Bright White Super Fine with Glisten from the WOW! Changers kit. In the Changers kit there are, as well as 3 different powders to mix with your existing powders, also 3 empty jars so that you can save your own mixes for future use. I wrote the mix of powders on the little white disc on the inside of the lid so I know in the future what's in the pot! As before, I stamped the image onto the background using the WOW! embossing ink pad. Then I sprinkled my designer embossing powder mix over the image and tapped off the excess to put back into its pot.

Once I heated my mix it gave me a white image with subtle glitter sparkle, which is absolutely perfect and exactly what I was trying to achieve for a frosty image.

In this last photo is everything I used to create these pretty designs. These will be turned into Christmas cards - but that's for another post!

I hope you will be inspired to have a go with WOW! embossing powders and see what interesting and different effects you can discover and create.

All the WOW! products used can be found in our shop, here's a link: WOW!

Thanks for stopping by.

Stay calm and keep crafting!


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