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Sunday, 1 November 2020


Hi everyone

Julie here again and today I am sharing with you some backgrounds I've created using Cosmic Shimmer misters. I love playing with inks and misters. I never know how things might turn out and I find the whole process a voyage of discovery and very exciting each time!

I wanted to see the effects of the pearlescent misters as I haven't used these before. I've dabbled with mica powders in some of my projects, but never a pearlesent mister, so I was curious.

So, I played with six different mister colours to create two different backgrounds which I'm going to use to make some Christmas cards - yes, I've only just started making mine!

The first one I made using Cosmic Shimmer Vintage Misters in Mulberry Mist and Evergreen with a top coat of Tarnished Gold, which is pearlescent.

The misters work really well. You can apply a small amount of pressure and get bigger drops of colour, or apply more pressure which will give more of a mist. Just make sure you cover/protect anything you don't want covered in ink first because they do have quite a reach! I often stand up and spray directly down from above the card to minimise this.

When building up your inky background, you just have to take your time a bit, spritzing your card with the colours, mopping up any big puddles you don't want, using a heat tool on the low setting to gently dry them as you go along. You can continue applying the colours and build up as many layers as you want until you're happy with what you've got. It only takes a matter of minutes before you've got a lovely inky surface in front of you.

When I finally got to applying the top coat of the Tarnished Gold Pearlescent, I was delighted to see that as well as having that lovely shimmering quality from the mica pigment, it also gave a slightly oxidised effect to the whole background where it reacted with areas of colour which were still a little moist. I used kitchen towelling to dab here and there, which really brought out the pearlescent effect on top of the colours. I absolutely love it!

The second lot of colours I used were Cosmic Shimmer Vintage Mister Arctic Blue, together with Cosmic Shimmer Airless Misters in Silver Moondust and Pearl Whisper, both of which are pearlescent.

The Silver Moondust looks really dark in the bottle and when initially sprayed onto the card, but once dry you're just left with a lovely silvery shimmer. The Pearl Whisper gave it that lovely oxidised appearance as well as even more shimmery goodness!

These inky backgrounds are so easy to achieve, and with so many colour combinations available, there are endless possibilities in terms of what your finished inky backgrounds will look like.

I hope you'll be inspired to play, have fun, experiment, and create your own inky backgrounds.

All the misters can be found in our shop. Here's a link: Cosmic Shimmer Misters

I'll be back soon to show you what I did with mine!


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