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Friday, 3 August 2018

Sizzix Star Gift Bag die set

Hello peeps!

Just a quick post from me today. I decided to give the Sizzix Star Gift Bag die set a whirl because I was intrigued by the shape of the finished product. I was fascinated by origami when I was younger but I could never master all of those folds - kept forgetting which step I'd just done, so I never even managed to make a paper crane! One day I will master this art, but in the meantime, these dies gave me a little of that joy of folding things a certain way to achieve a particular outcome!

Anyway, here's the set I'm talking about in this post:

The first thing to say about this set is that even though it says you need a Big Shot Pro or Big Shot Plus machine, the dies do actually fit onto the cutting platform/pads for the standard Big Shot machine - just! I have a Big Shot Plus but when my Big Shot gave up the ghost a while back I decided to keep the platform and cutting pads and I quite often use those rather than the bigger platform for the Plus machine simply because I tend to use a lot of smaller dies and embossing folders and don't feel the need for the larger platform.

So, if you only have a Big Shot - you can still use this die set!

The second thing I would say is that I just love the three little dies which come with the set which are for cutting hearts, stars or circles out of your project. These can be used in all kinds of projects and you could even use the little die-cut shapes to decorate other projects or as confetti! Or, make stencils with them for use in mixed media projects! So, another thumbs up for this set.

I made three gift bags using the set, one with four sides and two with five, so there is also the added versatility with this set that you can make two different sized bags with it - bonus!

So, for the first one, I went for five sides, which gave me the five pointed star effect at the top. To make this one I used the double panel twice and the single panel once. I used the little stars die to punch out lots of stars around the base section - very pretty. Yes, I used two different colours of card, because that's just the way I roll haha! And no, I can't tie bows, something else I never mastered! Note to self: learn the method using the tines of a fork!

I felt the base wouldn't be particularly strong with anything inside the bag because you just fold the flaps in on themselves (as you can hopefully see from the picture above), and it was quite flimsy, so I cut a piece of card to cover the bottom and that acted as enough reinforcement to make it strong enough to use as a gift bag. You could of course just use strong tape or glue to stick the flaps down but I'm still not sure it would provide a robust enough base.

For the second bag, I went for four sides - so I used the double panel twice and glued them together. For this one I used the little hearts die for the cut-out detail. I also glued the base flaps of this one and it is strong enough to hold something.

And finally, another five-sided one, this time with five different designs, just because I thought it would be fun! I used the single panel to create five individual panels, each in a different patterned cardstock from the First Edition Botanical Beauty paper pad, and glued them together. I think this one is my favourite!

This last photo shows what the underneath looks like if you just fold the flaps in.

This die set is one I will definitely use loads as a special way of presenting small gifts to family and friends. It makes a very pretty little gift bag/box. I suppose you could also use it as a battery tealight holder, if you use the little dies to cut out stars or hearts, or even the circles, which I didn't use here, so the light shines through.

To purchase this die set, here's the link:

And if you'd like to buy the Botanical Beauty Paper Pad, here's the link:

Well, that's all for this post, so I'll hop off now.

Enjoy your weekend, whatever you're doing.

Julie x

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