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Saturday, 7 July 2018

Julie tries out the brand new Sizzix Hot Glue Gun and accessories

Hi everyone

Phew, what a scorcher - and we're not just talking about the fabulous 2-0 defeat by England against Sweden today! With temperatures still hitting 30+ celsius (centigrade) here, it's definitely a case of stay inside, close the blinds, switch on the air con and indulge in some cool, therapeutic crafting!

So, speaking of hot, we recently took stock of the brand new Sizzix Hot Glue Gun and accessories, and Julie decided to try them out. Here, she reveals her thoughts on this new range.

Hello fellow crafters! Julie here. I hope you're enjoying our glorious summer, a bit hot for me I have to say.

So, firstly, I'd like to admit that I haven't really used a glue gun much before, and have tended to use strong acrylic glue in a bottle and double-sided tape to stick things together, so the glue gun was new territory for me. That said, I had one from a well-known supermarket chain which I had been using, so it was a great opportunity to do a direct comparison between that and the new Sizzix one.

What I liked straight away was that it's quite a compact glue gun, and very lightweight, and the "trigger" was very easy to squeeze, meaning lots of control of glue flow, which is good for me as I have small hands and a bit of arthritis in my fingers and also hate getting large blobs of hot glue on everything! I'm sure you can relate. The other thing I like is the fact that you switch it on and off at the handle, rather than having to switch it off at the plug socket or unplug it when you want to switch it off, and it has a light on the back, near where the glue sticks go in, so you know for sure if it's on or off! It has a good long cable, about 1.5 metres, so plenty to play with. It has a fitted metal stand, which you can just about see in the picture. There is a continental adaptor included in the pack for when you go abroad anywhere in Europe and need to take your glue gun with you. Of course, once it's out of the packaging, you've got to store it somewhere and try not to lose it, but I think it's still a nice little extra thought from Sizzix.

Along with the glue gun, there is a matching stand, which is sold separately, and which I really like although obviously it takes up space on your work surface, but it looks great and does the job it's supposed to do, plus a bit more besides, because there is also space behind the upright stand section to store a few essential bits. You can see there are several different slots for the "propping up bit", and a small grey silicone mat at the front to catch glue drips - great idea! You can also keep the finger protectors and glue spreader on the stand, so everything is together in one place.

The finger protectors and glue spreader come with a mat to protect your work surface. Having had the very unpleasant experience of getting a tiny spot of hot glue on my finger and pulling it off along with several layers of skin (ouch!), I think these finger protectors are essential!

So, the next thing is comparing the nozzle with that of the glue gun I was already using. As you can see, there's really no difference in the size of the hole, but the metal nozzle itself is quite long and tapers off, so it's easier to use in small areas than my existing one.

The glue sticks come in packs of 12 and one stick lasts ages!

As I used the glue gun I was struck by just how much I could control the glue flow and it was much easier applying small amounts to my project than with the other one because of that easy to use lever/trigger. I found the finger protectors really handy because I no longer had that fear of getting hot glue on my fingers, and using them meant I could actually touch the hot glue and spread it a little and pull away those little strands of glue that are left behind, and apply pressure to stick my fabric layers together, all without burning my fingers! The glue cools and sets quite quickly so you have to work fast.

So, this isn't marketed as a fabric glue, but the hot glue worked perfectly fine sticking my fabric layers together.

Although I wasn't doing anything particularly fiddly on this occasion, I am confident that this glue gun is definitely fit for purpose and that it, along with the other accessories, are very good value for money.

Julie x

Thanks Julie!

So, these have been selling really well, but if you've not yet invested in one of these glue guns and accessories (all available separately or as a bundle offer) then hopefully this will reassure you that it is a great investment. Head over to the shop and pick yours up today. Here's the link:

See you soon!
Team Beebaab

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