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Saturday, 24 June 2017

Simple and elegant cards using minimal materials

Hi all

Julie here today, and I hope you're all having a lovely weekend.

I wanted to share with you how easy it is to make simple cards which look really elegant, using very few materials, so they only cost a few pennies each to make.

If you're like me, you keep every scrap of paper and card, never throwing even the tiniest left-over pieces away because you may find a use for them one day.

In the case of the cards I'm sharing here, I used what was left of a sheet from a 12-inch paper pad, along with some spare pieces of black and white cardstock.

I took a 7 x 5 card blank and cut a piece of my patterned paper to fit allowing for a border all around of about 5mm. Once that was fixed in place I found a piece of black card and again cut that to allow around a 5mm border of the patterned paper showing.

Next, I took a piece of white card and cut it to allow a black border of around 5mm all around. Once that was fixed in place I cut a strip of the patterned paper which measured roughly half with width of the white card and fixed it in place.

To finish this card I punched a butterfly from the paper using my favourite Martha Stewart All Over The Page punch which I bought several years ago at a craft fair - I've used it countless times so it was a very good investment! Then I took two sentiment stamps and stamped them in black ink at the bottom of the white card, then fixed my butterfly just above.

You can see how cohesive a design it is because I've used the same paper on each layer and for the butterfly and I used black ink for the sentiments to tie in with the black card. It is a very elegant card design which you can re-produce for absolutely any occasion using whatever papers and card scraps you have lying around!

This second card is very similar to the first one, but you'll see I left a wider border of the bottom layer of patterned paper this time. I also placed the final strip of patterned paper to the right rather than the left. Again I punched a butterfly in the same paper, and I used a different sentiment, again in black ink. So elegant.

This last card is slightly different. I used a 6x6 square card with a linen texture and the section of paper from which I'd punched the two butterflies for the previous cards, which I cut to size to leave a wide black border on either side but no top or bottom border, and in fact the paper slightly overlaps top and bottom, which I like a lot. I then punched two more butterflies to fix over the top, so it almost looks like they are creating shadows on the card surface.

I finished this one with a very simple sentiment stamped in an ink colour to tie in with the paper on some white card which I layered onto a slightly larger strip of black card. I offset this to the right so it overlapped onto the black background.

So there you have three cards which I'm sure you'll agree are all lovely, and definitely won't break the bank. Cards like these can be made quite quickly for all kinds of occasions, and they are great to have in stock for those last minute "oops, almost forgot" moments too!

You can, of course, add more embellishments, such as ribbons or lace, gems or pearls and so on. I just wanted to share the simplicity of these cards and show that you don't always need to use lots of materials to achieve something very pleasing on the eye.

All those gorgeous papers you've been collecting and hoarding for years (you know you have!) or all those leftover pieces - this is just one idea for how to use at least some of them, although I know when you really love a paper, you don't want to use it at all!!!!

If you like this post, please leave a friendly comment, and I'll be back soon with more "thrifty" ideas for you!

Bye for now,
Julie x

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