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Monday, 17 April 2017

The Eggcellent finished eggs!

Hi there

We promised we'd share photos with you once the egg decorating was completed, so here are the finished pieces ....

Beautifully painted and decorated

Fun little gifts for the kids inside - coloured crayons and some building bricks!

Painted, then decorated with lace, ribbon, flowers, pearls and Pearl Drops

And inside this very feminine egg, an equally feminine gift - a small bottle of perfume

Covered with rice paper and filled with chocolate eggs, some of which appear to have hatched!

A hollow egg, painted in green metallic paint, stuffed with shredded tissue paper
and three little chicks peeping out

Alternatively, insert some small battery powered fairy lights, tissue paper
shreds and shiny chocolate eggs for a simple but effective decoration
We hope you've had fun this Easter weekend, whatever you've been doing.

Bye for now!

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